VisitScotland’s Brillant Moments


I can confidently say VisitScotland does a remarkable yet humbling job of describing how many unique and beautiful landscapes are packed into this tiny, fair isle.

No matter where I have been in Scotland, Glasgow remains the crowning jewel for me. As a dual US / UK resident I am always proud to tell people that, “I Belong to Glasgow.”

I’m excited that VisitScotland are using the Brilliant Moments campaign to allow visitors to capture and share with others the many adventures, excursions and beautiful moments that always happen when you come to Scotland. Social media makes it even easier to share photos, suggestions and experiences via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

With The Wee Food Tour starting up we are looking to work more closely with VisitScotland to have more of the visitors to this great city find their own Brilliant Moments. If you find yourself looking for great things to do in Glasgow pop into their visitor information centre on Buchanan Street. You will be well equipped and given some great ideas on how to get started finding your own Brilliant Moments.

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