The Wee Food Tour Launches in Glasgow!


After many months of planning, a week of successful test runs and making a few final tweaks to the website, The Wee Food Tour is finally ready to launch! This particular invitation extends a warm welcome to visitors and locals to eat, taste, slurp and sample your way through the interesting array of Scottish food found in Glasgow. The timing could not be more perfect as this is the Scottish Government’s Year of Food & Drink 2015.

The best way to experience any culture usually involves food.   The idea for the food tour came to owner Madeline Miller, as she began to go out and explore Glasgow, having moved here in 2004. Since not everyone who comes to Scotland drinks whisky or enjoys golf, the impetus to showcase what makes Glasgow an amazing place to visit and live became a concern when entertaining guests from out of town. Other than having the best live music scene in the UK, Glaswegian friendliness and banter is best experienced with food.

The food experience of Scotland is something unlike anything you will have anywhere else in the world. There are dishes here that are difficult to replicate elsewhere due to the freshness, locality and history of Scotland’s natural larder. The tour does not shy away from both the healthy and the not so healthy foods consumed by Glaswegians.

The Wee Food Tour moves along parts of Glasgow’s West End, East End and Merchant City to take in different neighbourhoods and different settings in which guests not only get to dine, side by side with locals, but also get to interact with the restaurant owners and staff which make each of the stops visited so unique.

There will be chances to taste and ask questions at each establishment along with multiple opportunities to shop for food related souvenirs but still leaving time to go out for dinner later. Every restaurant has a story and there is something for everyone. There is a chance to go outside of the guide book for recommendations and experience Glasgow dining like a local.

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