Tours depart at 11:00 a.m. from Buchanan Street.

How long is the tour?

The 2.4 km (1.5-mile) tour lasts 4 hours. We’ll try our hardest to keep within these time lines, but because people walk at different paces, some tours might take a little longer. If you see a restaurant or neighbourhood that you’d like to go back and visit, you’ll have plenty of time to explore after the tour is over.

Will drinks be offered?

The Wee Food Tour provides water at each stop, and you’ll have a chance to sample the Scottish national soda (it outsells Coca-Cola here). However, because we wanted to focus on Scottish food, the tour does not include alcohol.

Glasgow offers many excellent whisky and brewery tours as well as pubs and distilleries, and we’re happy to make the recommendations for the following.

Can locals take the tour?

Of course! A surprising number of Glasgow natives have never tried Arbroath Smokies or haggis. The Wee Food Tour is a great way to be introduced to some of the culinary delights that set Scotland apart from other areas of the world.

Is The Wee Food Tour suitable for children?

Children are welcome to come along, and if they’re adventurous with foods they’ll have a great time. The Wee Food Tour typically lasts between 3 1/2 – 4 hours and includes lot of walking, so bear this in mind if you plan to bring the little ones.

Should we tip the guide?

Tips are always welcome but are certainly not expected. Tipping in the service industry is generally 10%-15%.

Do you offer tours in languages other than English?

At this time our tours are only available in English.

Can The Wee Food Tour accommodate vegetarians and vegans?

Most food stops offer lacto-ovo vegetarian items. Please notify us when booking your tour if you’d like this option.

The Wee Food Tour doesn’t offer any specifically vegan options. However, PETA named Glasgow the most vegan-friendly city in the UK in 2013 and we have had excellent vegan meals at Mono Café Bar and Saramago Café Bar.

Additionally, Trip Advisor’s section on Glasgow’s Vegetarian & Vegan Dining offers numerous suggestions and recent reviews for those seeking vegan fare.

We apologise that we are unable to accommodate gluten intolerant diets due the number of restaurants we visit and the variety of foods sampled on the tour.

What if the weather doesn’t look very promising?

No one comes to Scotland for the weather, so grab your brolly, layer up and come on out anyway. Tours run rain or shine.

Do you offer private tours?

Of course. Let us know how many are in your group and we can work with you on a time and any specific foods you might want to try.