Café Gandolfi – The Power of Saying ‘Yes’


Starting a new business can be stressful in so many ways to even the most confident of persons with a great idea and a solid business plan. It is quite another matter to have a mentor and to be given advice and a lucky break that helps put your dream into action. Nothing is as valuable as experience!

We are so very thankful for the opportunity Seumas MacInnes and his staff have given The Wee Food Tour in letting us bring guests to see and taste some of the best offerings from Café Gandolfi. Café Gandolfi was opened in 1979 and under the direction and care of Mr. MacInnes, they have become a Glasgow institution for good reason. In all my time in Scotland I have always been on the look out for the perfect Cullen Skink. This filling and comforting fish soup is perfect when made with care and fresh ingredients, when it’s not you will most likely find yourself staring at a bowl of cream with one sad potato and one lonely flake of fish floating around in it. Café Gandolfi’s Cullen Skink is perfect and one you will find yourself making excuses to come in to have it on a regular basis.

Café Gandolfi has the added bonus of a recognisable staff made up of long term employees and you know that no matter who is on duty, things are going to flow properly with both great food and great service. Seumas has also written two amazing cook books that are sold at the restaurant or on their website ( These make excellent gifts for foodies and cooks alike and are sympathetic to those of us who still work off of Imperial measurements.

Thank you again Seamus for saying “yes” and helping us get our dream off the ground! We look forward to introducing more of our food tour guests to the fantastic Café Gandolfi.

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