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The Wee Food Tour invites you to join us in a walking food adventure through Glasgow, once the “Second City of the British Empire”, that remains today a great city to visit and to live. Glaswegian-American Madeline Miller has been unofficially working on The Wee Food Tour since relocating to Glasgow in 2004. What started as a personal mission to find the best traditional Scottish food in the city soon became a series of impromptu, outside-the-guidebooks tours for visiting family and friends.

Our tour was fantastic, delicious and entertaining! We’ll be re-booking next time we’re in Glasgow.

Your afternoon of tastings will be experienced in six different restaurants, speciality shops and independent, family run businesses that are experts in their dishes and products they make. You will be able to wrap your mouth around over 20 different food items that even some locals have never tried!

In addition to tasting great food, seeing the city and enjoying the banter, your participation in The Wee Food Tour benefits our local community as we donate £5 from each tour to our local food bank. We strongly feel that everyone in our community should not go hungry and know they are not invisible in their time of need.

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